Now that’s a real rant!

19/07/2011 § 1 Comment



When I started this blog, I had hoped to have a section devoted entirely to rancid diatribes. The idea was to spray bile at whatever random hypocritical tosh had managed to irk me of late. What glorious fun it would be!

You see, this fits my peculiar delusion that I’m some sort of eloquent and erudite curmudgeon: an illegitimate spawn of a threesome between Shakespeare, John Ralston Saul, and Paul Keating (don’t think too hard about the mechanics of that – it’s a metaphor after all). Cranky and full of scorn, I would reduce any piece of illogicality, idiocy or ignorance to dust with a few choice words. And then smile smugly at my awesomeness.

But, after reading Geoff Lemon’s magnificently vulgar denunciation of carbon tax whingers, I give up. It’s over. My brilliant career as a ranter has been aborted. There’s simply no way I can ever hope to rant this well. Lemon’s epic is coarse, hilarious and so so absolutely correct. You should also read the follow up Q & A.

I may not be able to match it, but I can at least enjoy it.

So salud! Mr Lemon, may your reign be long and bitter.


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